Braintree Removals: One of the Best Removal Companies in the UK

Sure Removals offer a tailor-made removals service for customers in Braintree. As many of our customers are aware, we are trusted by 10 Downing Street! Our past customers are always lending a helping hand in recommending us to their friends and peers alike.

Over the years, we have moved thousands of people to and from Braintree and we’re proud that we can represent the vibrant town of Braintree with our services.

We cover the whole of Braintree, and all of Essex! We’ve also moved people to and from their homes in Dunstable, Flitwick and Leighton Buzzard to name a few. We’re always keen to visit different parts of Essex as we love the city and the culture that comes with it.

Our Moving Company Covers These Areas:

We cover the whole of Essex and Braintree. Below are just a few of our most popular towns so far:
Bedford,  Dunstable,  Luton, Flitwick and Leighton Buzzard.

A Recent Move in Braintree

Our most recent move was a London move! It consisted of a family of four wanting to move into a quieter region, and Braintree was their choice!
The main reason for the move was down to the family desiring a quieter living area, as London had become too loud and too busy for their children. Fortunately, they were able to find new jobs and a home in Chelmsford within good time. They explained to us how finding a school for their children looked to be a struggle but once that was out of the way, they could get their move underway.

They called Sure Removals after one of their friends had recommended our services from their previous move and as always, we were happy to help out. As many people are, they were worried about the stress that comes with moving homes, especially when there’s a bit of a drive involved! However, we assured them that their possessions were in good hands. To stay on the safe side, they opted for out packaging service, so all of their fragile belongings were wrapped up extra safe. This put their minds at ease during the journey to Braintree.

Once everything had been packed up, we got their move underway! The journey from London to Braintree took around two hours and the unpacking process took a few hours. We helped them place the heavier items into the desired rooms and also rebuilt their bed.
Another happy customer!

The Best Moving Company for You

Here at Sure Removals, we offer the best removals in the Braintree. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in (regarding your move) Sure Removals are here to help. Our professional team is constantly looking to build relationships, so why not get in touch today?
We offer a full range of services to cater to your individual requirements and we know what our customers desire! We personally guarantee that once you book your move with us, we’ll ensure that no stress comes your way (from our side at least!)

So, Call Us!

Sure Removals has progressed massively over the last few years, and we have a fleet of vehicles on hand to relocate people throughout Braintree. A major part of our success is due to our dedicated and professional team. We have over 100 dedicated staff members, who are trained at our very own removals academy and are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to move all of our customers in Braintree.