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As many people are aware, Chelsea is a very prestigious area, and is made-up of many fascinating sites and areas of beautiful scenery. While we do enjoy moving people from all over London, Chelsea has always held a special place in our heart because of its beauty.

Our team at Simply are fully aware of the stresses and tribulations that moving house can bring, and we make it our duty to ensure that your move is stress-free and as efficient as possible. You may have had bad removals experiences in the past, damaged furniture, lost items, delays, poor service, whatever it may be. Here at Simply, however, we understand these grievances, and know full well how badly many companies treat their customers.

Once you choose us, we promise that you will be receiving the high levels of quality service you deserve.

Competitive Removals Pricing in Chelsea

Our professionalism and dedicated levels of service is what separates us from the competition.

No, we aren’t the cheapest removals service in London, but with us, we justify our price with our efficient and professional levels of service. The way we see it, you’d much rather pay a bit extra for a company you can trust and rely upon, rather than spending a bit less on a company that doesn’t have the most reliable background.

If you’re looking for a more bespoke removals system, we also offer our complete packing service. This ensures that your more valuable or fragile belongings are bubble-wrapped and protected from any damage whatsoever. If you’re also looking for somewhere to store your items during the move, we also offer this service! 

We also move-out offices and building blocks, so, if your company or workplace fancies a new change of scenery, this is another service we are happy to provide. While this process may take slightly longer, our efficiency is as trustworthy as ever.

A Recent Move in Chelsea

Our most recent move in Chelsea came in the form of a new family that were looking to move into the area. An American lady rang our team and explained how the company she had ordered had not arrived on time, and they still wanted to charge her for the call-out! After refusing, she called us in the hope that we’d be able to move her and her family into their new home in Chelsea on the same day.

Obviously, we complied, and began the process of moving the young lady’s family from Clapham to Chelsea.

No major complications ensued during the move, even with their dog who was incredibly excited at the size of their garden in Chelsea! Their two sons were very keen on helping our team move some of the smaller items into their new house, which was a nice gesture.

Thanks to the help of their two small boys, the move obviously went far quicker than we could have hoped for. We also helped fit their furniture and other appliances around the house, in exchange for a few cups of tea, of course.

This lovely family are just one of the many families we have helped move around Chelsea, and this is what makes our job so rewarding. It’s people like this who remind us how lucky we are to work with such an incredible range of people, and we’re always thankful for that.

So, Pick Up That Phone! Our Moving Company in Chelsea are Here to Help

For a removal company you can rely on in Chelsea, call us today and we will complete your removal service with minimum fuss and maximum care. Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements or fill out the form for an online quote. We will always do our best to give you our absolute best price!