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Here at Sure Removals, we are the premier removals company in Maidstone offering unrivalled service to all our customers within the area. We offer tailor-made removal services to customers throughout the area and, with over 20 years of experience in our business sector, we have moved thousands of customers in Maidstone and we count it as a privilege to have such a strong customer base in the area. We believe it is the hard-work and dedication of our removals team that keeps our customers returning year upon year.

Our Maidstone Removals Service

Over the years, we have learnt that our customers want a service that is trustworthy, reliable and punctual, offering professional services which make the day as stress-free as possible. That’s why, we offer a fully-professional and comprehensive service at extremely competitive rates. From the moment you contact us, our fully-trained staff will be with you every step of the way to help ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

A Recent Move in Maidstone

Recently, we had the privilege of moving a couple from their home in Canterbury to the beautiful location of Maidstone. The family were looking to move to be nearer work as they were both tired of commuting over an hour to work each way, daily.

Our team of movers arrived early on Saturday morning to help get the move started. An early start is always helpful, as it generally ensures we can complete a home move in one day (depending on the location of the new house). The early start turned out to be extra helpful as, when we arrived, the couple were in a state of panic and stress.

Surrounded by boxes, packing tape and paper, they were arguing and their belongings were still scattered about the room. The stress of moving home had obviously got to them already. We offered them a moment to sit down and gather their thoughts while we packed. So, while they sat down with a cup of tea and enjoyed a moment of rest, our team set to work packing the remaining items into their boxes and then loading the van.

The couple were grateful they could sit down for a few minutes while we made a start and it helped them immensely to gain some perspective and reduce their levels of stress. We had the van loaded in two hours and the couple happily said goodbye to their small, empty property.

The drive from Canterbury to Maidstone was around an hour as we got caught in a little of the lunch hour traffic but the views were beautiful. As we drove into Maidstone, we passed the historic Leeds Castle with its moat and challenging maze, we also drove passed one of Maidstone’s many old churches before pulling up at the new property opposite Mote Park – a large park with woodland to explore and a play area for children.

It took us an hour to unload the van and place all the boxes in the correct rooms. There were a few boxes we had to be extra careful with as they housed some of grandma’s china. But we handle all our boxes with extra care to ensure nothing is broken, damaged or scratched during the moving process.

The couple were delighted to finally be moved into their new property after months of organising house viewings with estate agents and experiencing the disappointment of properties falling through. We congratulated them on their new home and checked there was nothing else they needed before we headed home.

Another successful move in Maidstone!

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