Our Moving Company Service in Hackney

Hackney is arguably one of our favourite places to visit, mainly due to the fact that we regularly find ourselves visiting Hackney due to our loyal customer base there. So if you’re in need of a removals company in London call us today.

At Simply, we understand that moving out can be seen as a stressful ordeal. Most of the time, the process is rushed, items are damaged, and if you’re unlucky, the service you have chosen may not be the most trustworthy. That is where we step in with our highly trusted levels of care and security. Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we can guarantee that once you choose us, your move will go a smooth and as simply as possible.

Competitive Removals Pricing in Hackney

One of the most important concepts we stand for in Hackney (among other places) is our level of service. We’re always seeking for new ways to improve our customer service, and professionalism in our working environment.
We aren’t blind to the fact that we aren’t the cheapest removals company in London. However, this is entirely justified again by our dedicated levels of service and attention to detail. While we always provide a quote on your move, we will never overcharge once our quote is given. We are an honest, fair, and trustworthy removals service that always has your best interests at heart.

We also offer a complete packing service, which can save both time and effort, and if you’re looking for somewhere to store your items during the moving process, we also offer that too.

A Recent Move in Hackney

Our most recent move in Hackney was definitely one of our most interesting moves yet. This particular move involved two customers, Mike and Debby, and Mike was a comedian!

They gave us a call, and initially sounded quite distressed on the phone, as it turned out that the removals company they had ordered had turned up at the wrong address.

So, a distressed Mike gave us a call, and luckily, we had just finished a job in Shoreditch, so we scooted on over to see what we could offer. Mike and Debs were very happy to see us, and Mike himself was a particularly funny character, he even tried to bribe us with tickets to his comedy gig down in Camden in a swap for a free move!

Due to the fact it was only the two of them, the moving process was very smooth and quick, we were able to get the bulk of their belongings out into the truck in less than an hour. We then met them at their new flat in Peckham, and helped them unpack and sort out their new living quarters.
After helping them reset their furniture and rebuild a few other bits and bobs, their house was well on its way to looking like a home.

It’s stories like these that remind us how amazing our job is, and meeting some incredible people along the way is simply an added bonus. Another pair of happy customers!

So, Pick Up That Phone! Our Bespoke Moving Company is Just a Call Away!

For a removal company you can rely on in Hackney, call us today and we will complete your removal service with minimum fuss and maximum care. Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements or fill out the form for an online quote. We will always do our best to give you our absolute best price!